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Independently generate individual texts with, our self-service platform for Natural Language Generation (NLG). automatically transforms your structured data into text. NLG, the technology underlying the automated creation of your texts, is built on artificial intelligence.

Intelligent linguistic analysis

Our intelligent analysis of your data and language takes linguistic quirks automatically into account when generating texts.

Intuitive interface

We have bundled the complex functions of in an easy and straightforward web interface that is easy to navigate.

Automatic translation function

We offer automatic, machine translation of your text structures: This gives you a scalable opportunity to advance your internationalisation.

Limitless scalability

With our stable and high-quality API, you can generate texts on the fly, individually or in batches.

Personalised Onboarding Support

We offer comprehensive, individualised onboarding support from the very first minute. We support you as long, and as often, as you wish.

Creation of SEO Texts

Texts are not only created to your requirements, but can be adapted on demand to increase visibility on search engines.

Instantly generate high quality, natural language texts - without any programming knowledge!
One account, any number of users
Personal customer success manager supports the setup
No additional costs, monthly billing
Examples of in use


SEO-relevant, specific texts for online retailers. Automatic translation makes them available immediately and in multiple languages for faster scalability into international markets.


Increase the productivity and output of your team with This gives you the opportunity to offer completely new products or content strategies.


Create consistent, legally compliant statements for straightforward, scalable internal and external communications. Retain customers in the long term and develop new business areas.


Set yourself apart from the competition with targeted content and offer customers relevant information in their holiday searches. This can be combined with external data sources such as the weather or local sights.


With, you can automate content creation for external communication, descriptive reporting, and even job references.

What is your case?

NLG has many interesting applications - we would be happy to work together to find a solution for your organisation’s needs.

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'Generate individual texts automatically with textengine,io - the self-service Natural Language Generation platform. converts data into natural-sounding text.